My only post for today AND also my last post for my night!

BHRR’s Steam AKA Steam Boat – one of our honourary Giants of BHRR (She is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION) has discovered the XL gorgeous soft and plush dog bed that someone donated at PV Stittsville for BHRR. THANK you so much!!!

I think she is quite comfy! She loves it so much that she has completely discarded her huge yellow ducky(small bit of the duck seen in the bottom left corner) that a doll donated her way back in November. 

WHO would have thought a 22 pound wee thing could take up so much space! Well, we know firsthand that they can take up as much if not more space than the Danes!

She wishes all of our friends, family and extended family a most wonderful restful night….

Tomorrow is a big day for both Mama Eve’s surviving puppy, BHRR’s Flame(miracle 9 weeks now) and also BHRR’s Maple(WOW! Has she ever made amazing progress since her arrival as an extremely fear aggressive lovely) – KAH time to visit the Vets!


Good Night!