BHRR’s Skye(Neo) and BHRR’s Waffle(Bloodhound/Great Pyr) had their final vet visits today! If all comes back well with the remaining bloodwork I am doing, they will be ready to make their special announcements in a couple more weeks for they are both still working on social skills and obedience also with those leash manners.

Yet, both of them ROCKED their Vet visits!

BHRR’s Skye has anxiety in the car and BHRR’s Waffle does not and BHRR’s Waffle has anxiety in a run and BHRR‘s Skye does not as much and so having them together was really good today for the one showed the other it was ‘ok’ 

BHRR’s Waffle weighed a lean muscled 36.7 Kgs and could use a bit more weight still.

BHRR’s Skye weighed a wee bit plump 48.4 Kgs and I was already cutting her back a bit on her food…..

Both are now chipped and had a good day at KAH!

Tomorrow, they are getting their professional photo’s done in prep for their big announcements when they are ready!!

I am beyond proud of both of these girls! They were excellent with all people they met and no issues with any dogs they met. Both have overcome a lot of fear issues, with both humans and dogs and made excellent choices today!!

I was so thrilled to see how much their tails wagged and that they were quite relaxed etc….

BHRR’s Skye says it is time to go home now! It has been a long day for me and them!