BHRR’s Waffle and BHRR’s Skye had their prof photo shoot this AM.

Thank you to Wendi for the extra hands and this was our first time having photo’s with Melissa. Nice to meet you! Elizabeth, who has done all our rescue pawtraits to date, is now on maternity leave, expecting her first baby in November and congratulations again!

It was a glorious sunny morning to have these photo’s taken and BHRR’s Waffle, you have shown just how close you are now in being ready to make your special announcement!

Relaxed, playful, affectionate, ‘ok’ to go with Wendi while I had BHRR’s Skye’s own photo’s done and, even took treats from strangers! You shall always require careful integration with strange dogs yet, nothing wrong with that!! My heart is bursting with such happiness over your rehab journey!! s Your photo’s are going to be a hoot to see!

BHRR’s Skye, you are light years away from the extremely fearful and reactive dog that arrived to us. You are no longer as confused, scared, defensive plus stressed with quite a few humans and dogs… came out of my car connecting with Wendi like you had known her for some time.  Just like at the Hospital yesterday, with all staff plus dogs, you were calm and accepting and wagging your tail with Wendi.

I was a bit concerned about being in such a public area (first time taking photo’s here!) yet, there was a quiet section that we could take photo’s and BHRR’s Skye, I wish you could tell us why you were so worried about the photographer at first….she had not even used her camera yet and from the moment she saw Melissa, BHRR’s Skye was ‘woofy’ and ‘barky’.

However, by the end of the photo session, one gorgeous Neo was sitting, focused and attentive to Melissa, taking treats from her and making it hard for Melissa to get far enough away to take good photo’s!

Time… need more time of which I have so much to give you, patience, that continued obedience and structure and consistency…..yet, you shall get there BHRR’s Skye. Look where you once were?! When you are ready, you will let me know….Even your anxiety in the car(singing me a song!) was less than yesterday and you laid down and were content to soak up the rays of sunshine streaming in from the windows.  You never could have done what you are doing now with your level of learned comfort, security and happiness when you first arrived and so freakin’ proud of you!! Your photo’s are going to reveal a dog that once was so lost that is now finding her way along a path of so much promise!!

Thank you Wendi and Melissa for taking time out of their own busy day and spending a bit of time with these beauties this AM. You have given them more positive experiences and touches with caring hands and that keeps them moving forward on their great plus wonderful path of rehab!

Time to now get one excited little girl prepared for Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone!! Be safe!!