My last post of my night……I know many are wishing to have updates on BHRR’s Raven and BHRR’s Bell, the two newest additions to BHRR.

BHRR’s Raven(puppmill mama) has her Vet appointment on Thursday to address her mammary issues and to get a thorough exam, Accuplex and pre-op bw etc. Will update more afterwards…Thank you Elizabeth for the collar, leash and bone for her!

BHRR’s Bell(DEAF/Visually Impaired) – photo taken just now. Collar is generous compliments of Elizabeth as well. She bought two for BHRR’s Raven and was gracious to allow us to use it for BHRR’s Bell, our latest special needs to BHRR.

She is settling in slowly yet well. She is eating and drinking well and has not yet proven housebroken and we are working on it.
She is warming up bit by bit and now looks for me and will even seek me out. She is very nervous and flighty about her face and LOVES her butt and and back end sides rubbed.

She is looking me more at my face and eyes and I am encouraging her that it is ‘ok’. She knows little in sign language and we are working on signs and touch training for now. Scent training shall come along with lights – turning on and off our lights – plus vibration training – NOT vibration collars – using the door and floors to communicate.

She loves stuffies and will fetch them and play with them YET is a big resourcer at this time. She also will resource over the communal water bowls. We are working on ‘manners.’
She is excellent in her crate and has been fully integrated with everyone.

She has begun to slowly play with a few of the other dogs – BHRR’s Raven – who really is a baby herself – maybe 18 months now that I am assessing her deeper with her arrival – has rally built up her confidence plus comfort level. NOT sure if that is a great thing as BHRR’s Raven is just as I thought she would be….a mini BHRR’s Dana(RIP) and no surprise that BHRR’s Ivy is a bff already! Someone help me! LOL

She can play rough and get a bit ‘lost’ and become rough and, so we are working on gentle and stopping things before she flattens Salt for example.

She is becoming more and more bonded to me…BHRR’s Raven is another shadow for me now…much to BHRR’s Angel Noelle’s disgust! LOL

BHRR’s Bell makes the smallest, cutest sounds when wanting to play and how she gets on the couch – yes, HQD has been busy herself! – she backs up, puts one leg on, then the other back leg and then next thing you know she is sitting straight up! LOL

There is no reason at this time to think that she cannot be adoptable…yet, she has much to learn, startle reflex included before that day comes and, watching her begin to enjoy life and be happy is really a gift……

Good night from BHRR to all of our friends, family and fans!

IMG_7764 IMG_7765