Here is a testimonial sent our way of BHRR’s Salem! Thank you Maracle Family.

“My family and I have been blessed with no less than four opportunities to spend some significant time with this wonderful lady. When I first got aquatinted with her at an event in April 2015, I could not believe that Salem had been labelled in the past as aggressive. This gorgeous female was so timid that she would just sit down suddenly if she was spooked or nervous. As the day went on and we won her trust, it became obvious that Salem has a wonderful personality and a lot of love to give. She was very curious with the children who approached her and patiently waited for them to pet her. While she may have been unsure about new people, Salem did not hesitate to take a treat or two from a strange hand. If someone ran out of treats or were not quick enough, Salem attempted to give them a paw in hopes of being rewarded. When she came to our home for a special visit in June 2015, I was amazed at how much confidence Salem had found. Gone was the shy girl who wanted to just lay in a corner quietly and in her place was a lovely lady who went looking for attention. She quite enjoyed my daughters and my wife and there were several times when she was content to offer her belly for some rubs. I would also consider this lady a bit smarter than your average dog. It took her all of five minutes to figure out if you stepped on the garbage can pedal, the lid would open and she never forgot that no matter where we moved the can. We were also very blessed to watch her play with our little pug mix. When Gwennie came to pick her up, Salem was so happy to see her that she broke into full play mode in our backyard. She would play bow, chase and play tag with our pug mix, who was not afraid of Salem at all. Watching the two of them interact made it even harder for me to understand how this wonderful dog could be labelled aggressive. I hope there is a forever home out there who will give this girl a chance.”

AND here is another photo’ from her special picnic play date that was on June 24th and one more from her professional photo shoot on July 9th!

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