BHRR’s Porridge was at the Vet with me on Monday. So, wish I had snagged a photo!
He had a recheck and, then his manicure/pedicure.
So, pleased to say that his weight is now 73.10 KGs(163.02 pounds). 
That is up from the 155.10 pounds he was on January 27th from recovering from food contamination of food sent our way on January 17th. He is still a far cry from his normal 178 lean body machine weight yet, we are slowly getting it back up. YES!
He had lost almost 22 pounds due to the food…and, the long-term effects of that contamination is still being felt with several of the BHRR dogs.
Sadly, he is developing hind end muscle wasting from the pred., yet, he needs to be on it, on 50 mg daily – yet, he needs it for his inflammatory nasal disease that he was diagnosed with in March of 2014. 
This miracle boy reached age 7 in March and, he is determined that he is going to stay with all that love him for as long as possible!