BHRR’s Gretta had her second CWW session today!
Love this place and, the lovelies that work there!!
Since we were last there on Sunday February 22nd, she is doing a bit more than the toe touching(tons of praise when she follows the ‘use your leg’ words) and, going to and, from the car from our home and, to and from CWW, she is improving!
Yet, in the water, she stills wants to tuck it right up and, yet, she is getting better and better…Bambi Babe she is!
She is just so uncoordinated just like baby bambi and, still trying to figure her balance out……
Fergie the pug provided much morale support on the side of the pool to her today!
Right now, we are still trying to break through the mental part of her resistance…she is strong minded(like all the FREEDOM Danes we have assisted over 15 years from this byber) and, aso knows her own mind….
Trust is hard for her, understandably and, she shall get there…..
We are back on Tuesday March 3rd…I am trying to get her there at least twice a week.
At home, she will use it outside, if you walk her on a leash, yet, inside the house, barely toe touches….we continue to keep working on the mental behavioural barrier…..we have been down this road in 2010 with BHRR’s Apollo and, she will get there…..we are right there by her side, encouraging her, supporting her and loving her along with some ‘tough love’ necessary to keep her moving forward…..
So proud of her….gosh…she just makes me so proud of all of her accomplishments since she was first busted from hell…..
I have photo’s and video’s to update on her blog from Sunday and, again today…..I hope to get that all done tomorrow.

VIDEO BHRR’s Gretta #1 CWW
VIDEO BHRR’s Gretta #2 CWW
VIDEO BHRR’s Gretta #3 CWW
VIDEO BHRR’s Gretta #4 CWW

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