AND, the story goes on…… tongue emoticon
I took Mr. Bubbles AKA Lord Cambridge to his annual tonight and, BHRR's Herbie – The Love Big came with me to get a new weight( he was down .2 of a kg…BOO!frown emoticon YET, he is more active here and, eating was great yet, now he is distracted and would rather play…and hog the couch! tongue emoticon ) to KAH.
When we got back, and, all kids plus dogs were fed and tucked into bed(kids, not dogs yet…..), I thought, 'Hey, here is my chance! Grabbed a fresh hot cup of mint tea' and, are you kidding me! LOL
By the time I got to the loveseat, Skor had BHRR's Herbie the Love Bug already up and snuggled and snoozing! 
My NO Couch rule is being seriously challenged by HQD and, clearly all of her fans! tongue emoticon grin emoticon
So, here I sit at my computer, and, the story continues!grin emoticon
AREN'T they precious though? Makes all the bad things in the world just fade away……….if, only for a wee bit of time……