AND so ends Day 2 of a truly superb weekend at PV Stittsville!!
Under sunny blue skies, the BHRR doggies – BHRR’s Salem ROCKED it, BHRR’s Herbie-licious, The LoveBug was his ever usual heart melting self and, Skor had the great opportunity to learn more about social manners!
The laughter, the stories, the friendships formed and, the store was filled with total goodness plus kindness today!!
At one point, I look around and, each BHRR Volunteer was talking to wonderful people that came to visit and, I felt such pride in knowing such amazing people and, blessed that they would choose BHRR to spend their time with today! I love being a small part of such a magnificent team!!
Aaron, Cherie, Tracy, Serena, Kinsley, Elizabeth, Stephanie and Bre(cannot forget you!) Thank you!!
Thank you for helping to make BHRR better and, for all your assistance! Nothing is possible without incredible volunteers and, together, it makes almost anything feel possible!
Stephanie – extra thanks for being our treasurer today!! Aaron, thank you for handling the draw money!
Brian Element – you win the Raffle basket!!! Congrats!!
Regan – you and your team at PV Stittsville deserve a big stand up ovation! All of you have outdone yourselves this weekend and, thank you again for taking this BHRR family into your store for the weekend and making us feel like part of your PV family!!
While we have a long way still to go to raise all needed for BHRR’s Hercules leg amputation, to every supporter, believer and, caring soul that helped promote this event, came out, donated, visited, put a loving patient hand on a dog, talk to us, passed along words of encouragement and, positiveness this weekend, you have made an massive impact on us!! Thank you from my heart!
As Sean said today to several, it is times like this, that confirms just how much good is in the world!!!
Below is a photo of Skor and BHRR’s Herbie crashed in the car on the way home….
From my home to all of yours, I hope everyone had a safe, happy and healthy weekend as always!