AND, so brings Day 2 of the PV Stittsville PAW Event!
Another stunning weather day is here and, BHRR’s Riot(who was with us yesterday) is standing attention with flipped ear at PV showing people the way!
*Thanks to the Maracle Family for the photo!*
He garnered lots of interest yesterday, well, all three wonderful BHRR doggies did, so, perhaps an application may come his way.
Come join us today for nail trims, microchips, ear cleaning, make a donation to have a PAW placed up with honor on the wall at PV, we have balloon pops, cotton candy, popcorn, draws, a raffle basket that includes pounds and pounds of dog treats, merchandise for sale, our famous red carpet pooch smooch sessions AND, to visit the BIG Dawgs of BHRR and us too!
We would love to visit and speak with you!
We are at PV Stittsville from 11 AM – 4 PM!
PV awesome staff, the BHRR family invasion is almost on the road to hang with you again!