BHRR’s Liberty – the 8 year old Great Dane was at the Vet with me tonight. She weighed 87.78 pounds. She needs another 20+ easily of muscle mass/weight. This new weight is almost 8 pounds from when she first arrived to us on March 28th. GOOD for her!
She had FNA’s of all her lumps, bumps and growths.
She is battling a UTI.
Her Vet was saddened to see all the extremely bad callouses on her body from laying on really hard surfaces and, how emaciated she was, not to mention all the scars on her face and head.
Her coat while better than what it was upon her first arrival is still quite icky yet, we shall get there! Dry and dull with dander etc. will become a thing of the past!
Her heart and lungs were thumbs up!!! YAY!
There were no notable concerns with her eyes and, the swelling on her muzzle, healing wounds etc. were all examined closely.
Her Vet remarked on how weak her hind end was and, I mentioned that she is SO much better than she was on the 28th. She really is…….Not great yet, progress comes in baby steps.
We drew blood for a heartworm test and, wellness screen and, we microchipped her.
Her mouth is brutal. She will need a good dental, the poor thing and, when she is healthy, we will take care of what needs to be done. No vaccines from us until she is healthier also.
She was not as dehydrated either.
She will be dewormed again in two weeks time and, shall remain on the metro. She did not provide me with a fecal sample yet, yesterday her stool was no longer bloody watery diarrhea. It was soft yet, formed.
She was such an amazing patient!!!! Loving and, affectionate and, definitely wanted to do what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. She was gentle about taking treats and, in this below picture, you can see how much happier she is than when she first arrived on the 28th of March.
She went through enough tonight and, there was no immediate need for x-rays etc. to be done at this time.
She is such a beautiful girl and, while she sure does have a long road of rehab ahead of her, she is a survivor and, we are going to be there with her by her side, supporting her!

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