BHRR is having an "HONORARY GIANT" come our way!  Olde English BullDog. 
As he is special needs and, we were contacted to assist on October 10th, WHO could resist that face!  
We are going to call him BHRR's Stafford and, he is ONLY the 8th dog that BHRR will have assisted to date in 2014…..
What we know of BHRR's Stafford to date:
"He is approximately 6 years old and was left behind in an apartment without food or water. 
He has very breed typical medical needs….
He has periodontal disease which he would require a good dentistry and may require extraction, he has ear infections that could be chronic and he has abnormal throat sounds which could be breed related but our vet believes is may need surgical intervention to clear his air way.
He is the most lovely dog, very cuddly, likes to jump up and goofy. He barks but it sounds more like a turkey and not so loud. He is good with dogs likes to jump around them. With cats he ignored through the kennel doors." 
BHRR will also ensure that he is de-twinkled…..  
We are working on making transport arrangements and, welcome to the BHRR Family BHRR's Stafford!