I received a call from BHRR's Moncton's temp foster mom today. Apparently, over the long weekend, BHRR's Moncton began to pick at his food(he had been doing so well! 🙁 ) and, then did not eat at all on Monday. He is drinking she said, and, I inquired about vomiting plus diarrhea and energy level and temperature, was he painful to palpate, did something happen to his neuter incision(it was great prior to temp fostering and, did not think this was the problem) and a million other questions, that his amazing temp foster mom answered with patience and detail. 🙂

She had not noted any diarrhea and, no vomiting except late on Monday once time(yet, she could not be 100% sure it was him over one of their other dogs) and, energy level was down yet, not lethargic. She said he did not have a temperature nor was it low. I said I supported getting him into the Vet immediately and, the temp foster home said, that she agrees that he should be seen yet Tuesday would be fine. They think perhaps the hustle and bustle of their own Thanksgiving weekend stressed him. BHRR's Moncton has seen two Open Houses and, a Dine With The BHRR Doggies event and, his eating habits did not change yet, he has only been in this home since October 6th, 2014, so possible.

I am worried though and, the temp foster home will contact me ASAP if anything changes and, rush him into emerge and, I will meet her there. This boy cannot afford to lose ANY weight. I am worried about dehydration and, what 'could 'be causing this change in him as he was doing quite well in the approved temp foster home up to now, and, like a mama bear am concerned. It is hard when you do not have your hands on the dogs yet, I trust the home and, will post an update when I can.

Keep him in your thoughts!

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