I have added two new pictures to BHRR’s Apollo’s Slideshow #16 & #17 from August 15th, 2010. I am adding both of them below and I have added one on his ASKING FOR APOLLO Fundraiser page from July 16th and one from August 15th so that everyone can see his leg healing progress. I am also so excited for him that he shall be having three CWW sessions this week! WOOHOO! First one is tomorrow and as I was packing up his ‘bag’, he was so excited! He knows the word ‘swimming’ as I have him in our pool sometimes up to twice a day and progress is slow but it is there and I keep thinking ‘WE CAN DO THIS APOLLO!’ He is another one that I am just going to well up in saying good-bye to when it is his time to go(ok, who am I kidding, I well up over all of them, just in various different degrees!) 😉 AND just for the record, I have no regrets over assisting BHRR’s Apollo either per my August 18th post on Ava Marie’s blog….  😉 I paid $2,700+ out of my own pocket to assist this amazing boy and it was worth every bit of the little sleep I got as I worked so hard to save up the pennies and if it were not for all of his fans, his bills never would have been paid as they needed to be paid for him to have this so important and necessary life changing surgery! ONE person can only do so much, yet together, WOW! what so many can do as a united front is so emotionally powerful and truly lifechanging! THANK you on behalf of BHRR’s Apollo for being there for him in his own time of need and in remaining there for him as he still continues his rehab to a happy healthy future laying in wait for him! He could still use the LIFE & ASSIST HARNESS – Size Large and it remains on his wishlist.

BHRR’s Apollo – August 15th, 2010 – almost 6 weeks post-op on his left PCL/Meniscal repair surgery