On Monday June 9th, I received a message that a Newf Pup was in need of our assistance.

This little guy(Newf, could be pure backyard bred Newf or possibly a X with Berner or Bouv perhaps has been suggested) – I will see how he appears in person, about 35KGS (77 pounds) is a victim to divorce and, at around 7 months of age, is so depressed and scared at the shelter. He also has the papillomavirus.

BHRR has only brought in two dogs to date in 2014, April 5th, BHRR's Leroy and April 27th, BHRR's Ethel and, is working on the transport details for our third, the palliative EM, BHRR's Zayna(hoping for June 22nd).

With two dogs under a PENDING ADOPTION and very sadly, the ever closer loss coming up of a BHRR Haven dog, we feel comfortable committing to what shall only be our 4th dog for 2014 so far, into our programs. We may have another two BHRR dogs moving under a PENDING ADOPTION shortly. We will update the blogs as we can.

We may not be able to bring in the same numbers that many other r/q groups do, yet, the ones that we can help, it is our way of helping the 'next in need' of BHRR, that we can!

I am calling him BHRR's Moncton, in honor of loved ones tragically killed in Moncton, NB last Friday, lost not just to our own hearts yet, to our family's heart also – both on Sean and my own side  – that work as RCMP Officers in the line of duty daily – that their memories will live on in all the laughter, smiles, and, experiences had. A world mourns and, BHRR's Moncton by his very name, shall be a remembrance in honor of great special people that were not just RCMP Officers, yet, dear friends and family to so many of us in the community.

ETA is Tuesday June 17th, 2014


BHRR's Moncton – June 10th, 2014
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