On Saturday May 24th, BHRR's Treasure had his own special picnic date. The home has shared a most wonderful written statement re: their date and some incredible photo's also. WordPress will not allow me to upload the word document, so, I have converted to a pdf and, double click on the lnk below! 🙂

This home humbles me deeply with such kind words in their date summary, yet, I thank them for being open to taking him @ 7 AM on a Saturday 😉 for the day and, for giving him this wonderful positive experience to keep making him well rounded and balanced.

As for, why he is called 'Trouble'…uhmmmmm, he showed them zero leash manners and, clearly sucked them in with his mischievous gorgeous eyes to get all the spoiling he could, AND, I do believe I see him on the couch(no-no yet, he clearly had no problem breaking rules!) and to lead this amazing home to believe that he was a 'good boy', a 'model citizen' LOL He is a great dog, not a mean bone in his body and, some days, I wonder about what is in his head though….air? rocks? maybe a genius and has us all fooled?

He is a love!

They also captured a short video of him and that is below also. Thanking them so much for all the awesome photo's as well that they took from May 24th!

MOVIE: Treasure May 24th, 2014

SUMMARY: Date With BHRR's Treasure!

Date with Treasure1