BHRR’s Moose was 135.30 pounds(61.50 KGs) tonight. He definitely did not want his feet touched and you could see how his stress level was escalating and we did not desire to set him up for failure. The Vet was able to take a look at the left front paw without restraining him(he lies with his feet out to the side) and could see the area that was ‘open’ and swollen above the one pad. It was decided to put him on Cephalexin 500 mg x 3 tabs BID. As for his nails and HWT, that was something I went back and forth in my mind and discussing out loud for the Vet is right, there is no rush really on the HWT right at this moment and to give him some more time to settle in yet on the other hand, he almost ‘wins’ by demonstrating certain behavour and then not having to do what is being asked of him. On the other hand, I do not desire to see him set up for failure yet on yet another hand, I ‘believe’ he is going to be funny about those feet and nails for a long time to come. Microchipping is going to come with its own share of joys I can also tell. Moose would sit when I asked and would lay down fairly well upon command and yet I knew that he would also not be very co-operative in looking under his chin near the beginning of his neck, for I found a raw, scabbed area there as well; that could be a hotspot yet could also be there from whatever it was that he cut himself on while in that person’s garage. The antibiotics will take care of it and any other spots on his feet that might be on the verge of flaring up too. He is also not a great backseat car traveller and would not settle until he had rammed himself into my front seat of my car YET my car is not equipped to take an almost 140 pound dog in the front seat! We will be working on that more. Tethering him only stresses him out, so as I will be going back for an extra set or two of hands for that HWT, microchip and nail trimming, it will give us another opportunity to work on that part. His leash manners are also very poor yet he is a very affectionate and loving boy when he has not felt like he was going to be ‘jumped’ and restrained. We will give him some more time and I will bring in one of my 40 cm E-collars if needed to help create a safe environment for him and us to do his nails and HWT plus microchip. He was also very gentle about taking treats from those that gave him some and settled down really well in the exam room plus when I put him into a run in the back as I also had BHRR’s Ava Marie at KAH tonight and had to run out to pick up some meds for her at the Human Pharmacy. Moose also had NO trouble sharing his drool with all and he even drank some water out of a persons hands from the sink! He developed a small fan club tonight I think at KAH!  😉 His Birthday is April 8th, 2009 if I have not already posted that. 😮