I am bringing BHRR’s Ava Marie to KAH this afternoon in addition to BHRR’s Moose having his own appointment for his feet etc. as I suspect she might have possible pneumonia, yet I am going to see what her Vet determines. She was wonderful at the BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House on Saturday and then went up to a relatives cottage and last night I received a call that she did not eat her supper. WHEN Ava Marie does NOT eat, something is wrong. I had her brought home to me today and I am not liking how she looks or some of the sounds she is making when she breathes. I have listened to her lungs with my own stethoscope and we may do X-Rays when we get to KAH. My relative said that she was normal up until last night and the only abnormal sign was her not eating her supper last night. They told me that she was not making any breathing difficulty noises at all until this AM.  I encouraged her to eat some wet food which she did and she has been quiet and is resting. BUT she would not take a treat and that is not Ava Marie either. I will be heading out to the Vets shortly.