Update: June 15th – 2:40 PM: I talked with LAH and due to a surgery shift change; Apollo shall have his surgery with Dr. Liston on Friday July 2nd, 2010.That gives us 17 days to try and raise $245.00 for his surgery. Everything crossed for Apollo.

I left a message at LAH to discuss with Dr. Liston to confirm the surgery date for BHRR’s Apollo – looking at Friday June 25th and to see if he would like to have a pre-surgical visit with Apollo beforehand. THANKS so much to everyone for their continued support as we attempt to raise another $245.00 by Friday June 25th to be able to put down a ‘goodwill’ deposit for Apollo to have this surgery. This gives us 10 days to raise those funds. We shall continue to keep ASKING FOR APOLLO in the hopes that we shall be able to raise the much needed monies for him.