BHRR’s Ava Marie had a re-examination with Dr. Liston and she weighed 161.48 pounds(73.4 KGs), so up a bit from her surgery on May 21st. Being pretty¬†much on ‘rest’ can definitely explain part of that slight gain. The other part would be that yes, I have been giving Ava Marie some special yummy treats to get her to take her antibiotics and Deramaxx etc. but now she is done her antibiotics and the Deramaxx is mostly taken in her food bowl without issue for the most part. Now that she has permission to be more mobile and for us to work on the physical rehab, she will trim up well again! Dr. Liston thought she was looking ‘great’ and that her incision has healed well, her knee is intact and he did see what I meant about the edema and that it was at her knee and not lower down as one would expect and that she has this edema now and not immediately post-op. He was not worried, drained most of the edema and it was just serum and some blood clots. Dr. Liston also confirmed that her knee was mostly pushed right due to the edema and we will continue to massage the knee. She is not fond of the icing part though! LOL So, the plan is to build up more muscle and strength and get the right leg to heal more, come back in a month to re-visit that leg plus to take a closer look at the left leg and plan her 2nd surgery, this time on the left cruciate. SO, we are begging and pleading for her fans to consider donating to her Ava’s Action Assistance Cause, so that we can help pay for her 2nd surgery and post-rehab with hydrotherapy etc. just as we are doing with the right ACL surgery she recently had. Ava Marie also brought in a big plate of homemade cinnamon buns to LAH as a token of her huge thanks for helping her get a new start on life!!! WHAT a trooper she is and so happy and everyone at the hospital just ADORES her! She then came to KAH with me to be loved on and hang out as I had a work shift there! GO AVA GO! The big thing at home with a challenge is the hardwood floors and her wanting to lay on them now that she going to be getting a bit more freedom and being ‘there’ to ensure she gets that extra hand on her hind end for those legs. They can be a bit slippery and traction can be hard for her and honestly for many dogs out there in the world. With the warm weather she would much prefer the floors over the dog beds etc. The good news is that she is almost always never far from myself when I am at home, so I am on hand most of the time to help her. As mentioned to her Vet she is truly going to make a home a ‘dream’ dog and will very much enjoy her strolls and walks YET cannot do anything super stenuous with those knees. No mountain hikes with this sweetheart. She also very much just loves going to parks, cottages or camping out and laying on the grass and soaking up the love and attention and fresh outdoor air. Such an AWESOME dog!