BHRR’s Lily Belle was spayed and I microchipped her today too. Her weight was 48KGs(105.6 pounds), so she is gradually putting on the weight and while her Vet also felt she was still a bit thin, MUCH better than she was upon arrival and had no concerns. In respect to her teeth, it is just that, her teeth/bite – genetics – and so, her tongue just protrudes a bit when sleeping or resting or when she is relaxed! Her spay went great and she was loved on by all there and I have to get a height on her for she is fairly tall with those long legs! She was really enjoyed by everyone at the Hospital today. ‘SWEET’ is the biggest description given about her! AND it is so true. She did not eat any supper tonight when I brought her home, offered her about 1/4 of her normal ration and that is not abnormal after surgery. Once she heals from her spay and puts a few more pounds of muscle/weight on; she shall be placed up for adoption, so mostly like around the third or last week of June 2010. I just wanted to also update on her eyes that they are now fine. The BNPH worked! If anyone would like to make a contribution to her Vet Bills, please feel free to call Kanata Animal Hospital directly at (613) 836-2848 and they would be happy to take your donation via Visa/MasterCard or AMEX. You can also pay by email transfer to or by PayPal.