BHRR’s Ava Marie’s first cruciate repair surgery is tomorrow. I cannot wait to see what she weighs now! She was a HUGE hit at the ‘Alvin For Ava’ Afternoon at the Movies Fundraiser in addition to being at The Wag Pet Shop both before and after the Fundraiser. She is truly a “DREAM” girl. Please keep her in your thoughts and BHRR would truly welcome any donations of gently used duvets, comforters, blankets etc. for Ava Marie will be in great need of lots of soft bedding as she rehabs. This has been such a touching / heartfelt journey with Ava Marie with her weight loss since her arrival to BHRR on March 7th to prepare her for this surgery yet as with all the animals here; I will not rest easy until I have her home recuperating. There have been many questions as to whether Ava Marie will be placed up for adoption and my answer is that I see no reason why not at this time and her new forever loving home is going to have to understand that she is not a Dane that is going to be able to zip, zoom and go for long or extended hikes. She is going to be the best strolling partner and will make someone a great bed or couch warmer!!! She is walking almost 2 KMs in the AM with me and almost 2 KMs in the evening with me and just taking our time and just like BHRR’s Albert, she has really begun to develop muscle and strength plus endurance as she becomes more active and fit due to her extensive weight loss. Her increased level of mobility is incredible! She could barely walk when she first arrived at BHRR. As I told many last Sunday at the Fundraiser as they were marvelling over her amazing temperament, just imagine how much more amazing she is going to be without being in such chronic pain. She has an incredible disposition, loves all people and dogs and also possesses a great wicked of humour! She has realised that she has ‘bulk’ and likes to get out the door before the other dogs and wait as they come out and will ‘bump’ them with her hip and see them lose their balance a bit and wobble. She finds this greatly entertaining and we are working on the ‘gentle’, ‘be nice’ as she stands there wagging her tail furiously waiting for the next ‘victim’. And though she cannot race and zoom like the other dogs, she gets her ‘trot’ going on and can really pick up speed going down our hills and it makes my heart catch a bit for I worry a bit that she might stumble but the expression on her face(yes, I am projecting human emotions here…LOL) is priceless. Her long floppy super velvety ears are flapping behind her head, her tongue is out and drooling(do not tell her that Miss UBER feminine) and her body just is full of happiness and enthusiasm. She is such a happy girl and we do our best to try and keep her not going above that stroll. Since BHRR’s Barkley went to his new home on Monday; the Great Dane puppy that we are temp loving on for a friend has really become that much closer to Ava Marie herself and Ava Marie is such a great teacher. These two have met before this puppy came to our place and this puppy made Ava Marie a bit nervous for Ava Marie was worried that the puppy might hurt her hind end with all that puppy jumping and playing yet once our walk was over that day when I met up with two friends; Ava Marie took all in stride and realised that no one was going to hurt her. They are almost inseparable these days. It is going to be a long night for I never rest well before surgeries for the dogs.  Send Ava Marie your best thoughts and wishes for tomorrow and I will update her blog as I can and post pictures for as most know, I like people to see exactly what their monies of support are doing for the animals in need of our very special BHRR program(s). Every last penny sent our way goes to help animals like Ava Marie and please consider donating……….PayPal, email transfer to, credit card directly to Liston Animal Hospital (613) 591-0966 or even by mailing a check to Birch Haven Rescue and Rehabilitation Services would be incredibly appreciated.

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