Well, it has not taken long to learn that BHRR’s Apollo is a bit of a resourcer so NILIF and back to basics with this boy. He has wanted to resource of me in regards to the other dogs and then he is completely resourcing over his collosal crate(taken over from BHRR’s Barkley now that he is adopted!). In our house, we ‘share’ and so he will under extensive training with this. High value items like the smoked dinosaur bone is given to him in his crate and during quiet time in the house. He had been integrated with PPSS, BHRR’s Potter, Kona and Guinness not long after his arrival to BHRR and he did fine. He then was put into his collosal crate to settle in a bit and after he ate his supper and before Sean went to bed; we had him out to see about doing some more integration and he then grumped at Potter and I quickly moved in(poor Potter who just loves EVERY dog) and as he was just recently neutered in April; I observed him extremely closely as he interacted with my own two intact show bluez boyz and Apollo is no wall flower. He has his own bit of ‘Napoleon’ syndrome and while he LOVED Porridge and wanted to play with him; he took ‘exception’ to my Big Blue and puffed up and grumped. Poor Big Blue, who just wants to be friends with everyone. So, Apollo was corrected and without too much prompting went right into his crate. He has since been grumping just a bit at the dogs as they file past him in and out of the house. The more Apollo settles in and becomes comfortable, the more we are going to see the ‘real’ him and BHRR believes in full disclosure. Already, I feel that when he is ready to be adopted, he is should go to a home with at least one other dog and for that dog to be female OR Porridge! LOL He just loves that boy! Apollo would also do fine as the only dog yet I truly do feel that most dogs need at least one other canine companion in the home. So, Apollo just as with BHRR’s Barkley or any other resourcer to our home is going to learn how to share by having to share dog beds and water bowls etc. He is not lacking in self-confidence and it is very clear that his lack of obedience has gone to his ‘head’ just a little. If I leave the sunroom to fill up dog water etc., he will make small soft ‘cries’ for me and he is passively ignored. This is one dog that has ‘gotten’ his way more than once in the past with the types of behavour he is already demonstrating here. He oozes a nice level of comfort in his skin and with those around him, which lends to his very laid back attitude and what I have learnt in the couple of hours he has been here now ‘AS LONG AS THINGS ARE GOING HIS WAY’. He is super sensitive and loud noises makes him ‘look’ like he has been punished. He has been very quick to begin to bond to me yet you HAVE to share the Gwennie! 😉 While I feel that ALL dogs should be trained and have clear set expectations laid out for what is required of him; this is even more true in Apollo’s case for his is ONE big boy. I am really liking this boy!