Barkley’s weight before going to his new home last night was 41.3 KGS(90.8 pounds) and I was so happy that one of the Vets that oversaw his one obstruction in 2009 and had been part of this years obstruction situation was able to see him before he left. She had not seen him since he was with his previous owners with this obstruction on March 15th. She said ‘HE LOOKED GREAT’ and congratulated me on such an excellent job done with him. Barkley has put on almost 12 pounds of weight/muscle since he was surrendered to BHRR on the evening of March 31st. Considering how long he was laid up recovering; he and I have managed to get a lot of training and physical rehab work in once he was ready and I am so proud of him! I would like to see a few more pounds of muscle mass, yet NO more that that and he is then going to be in top notch condition. I also showed his new owners his surgical area and assured them that if Barkley was not healed, he would not have been placed up for adoption as of yet. I have invited his new owners to our place to see just what it is that we do and how unique our program(s) are here plus that our adoption success rates are second to none out there for a reason. As so many know, we live in complete harmony in a sizeable multi-dog home and my background in training/behavoural work plus medically has been of deep benefit to us operating BHRR at such a quality filled level. However; to me; the reality is that as much as the Vets and our Supporters thank myself and Sean; I keep saying over and over again; that I could not do what I do without such amazing people that give of themselves in their belief of what we do at BHRR and YOU are those strong links on that ‘chain of success’. AND thank you from my heart and soul for that. I do hope that his new owners will attend one of our upcoming BHRR Mini Open Houses to see how we operate and to meet others(they have met one couple that has adopted two Danes from us in the past) that are involved in our program(s) and to see first hand what BHRR is all about. AND Barkley, I shall be meeting you in my dreams…..