BHRR’s Dana came home to BHRR tonight. Due to a personal injury with her Foster Mom and that a beloved family member of her foster mom is having upcoming surgery AND that their Dane looks to be back up on their feet much better; it was time for BHRR’s Dana to come back home to us. Per her Foster Mom:

“One could say she has my number!!! 🙂 To funny. Gwennie not that all animals are not special but she truly is one of those special touch your soul girls. I can’t thank you enough for allowing us to have the opportunity to get to know this wonderful, fun, talented, loving girl. I can’t say it enough where ever her forever home ends up being they are the lucky ones to have a Dane like her!!!!! She enriches life and brings light and joy with her silly Dana antics. We will be missing a piece when she goes back. She has a part of our hearts. I can totally understand why you and the family miss her so. Again Gwennie I can’t thank you enough for sharing your special Dana Devil with us!!!!”

Welcome back BHRR’s Dana. YOU were missed while you worked your magic in helping this home and their current Dane heal from their loss over Easter. I know that this home shall also miss you too and when their new wee show addition arrives; she, too will bring many smiles and memories to their home!

May your forever loving adoptive home come along Dana and if not, know that you shall always be cherised in ours for their shall ONLY ever being one Dana! You are a very special girl with so many precious gifts to share with others!

Dana also comes home having learnt how to paddle in a kiddie pool and to chase bubbles!