I shall have to reschedule BHRR’s Storm spay from tomorrow for as of last week, she entered into a ‘false’ pregnancy. NOT even 7 weeks post – heat on her last cycle. I  just want to almost sit down and cry! I talked to my one Vet in detail today and we agreed to push off her spay for another 2 weeks. It would have been 8 weeks to the day tomorrow since her last heat ended on February 13th, 2010 and the worry was having her enter into another heat within 10-12 weeks as per her past ‘cycling’ and this time her body decided to go into a false pregancy instead. Could we attempt the spay, yes, yet it is more risky. I will update her blog with her new date after I take a look at my schedule and the Hospitals and I do have plenty of pictures to post of her still. She is such an ‘atypical’ Great Dane with all that she had/is going through. I am not going to risk her life by putting her under surgery any sooner than it is as safe as it can be done for her to spay her.