BHRR’s Mindy is doing great! She has been a wonderful influence on BHRR’s Dana and vice versa. Dana has taught Mindy to ‘chill’ a bit and to be more relaxed, playful and to not take life so seriously and Mindy has taught Dana how to be more of a lady here and there and not so much of a mischeivous ‘monkey’!  😛 They have a really good mutual understanding of each other and have really benefited from each others personalities. I love to watch Mindy with those long model legs get her playful zoomies on outside. She is really coming out of her own shell and has been such a low maintenance Dane to have here. She is 100% trustworthy in the house when we are not here and other than some barking at the coyotes; has rarely made a peep. She is quietly affectionate and eager to please and you just have to be careful about raising your voice too loud for she will flinch a bit and go to a bed to lay down. With a busy household, sometimes our voices have to be a bit louder than normal and this does affect Mindy and she has been adjusting really well. We are remaining as patient as can be that she and our other two black beauties of BHRR’s Dana plus BHRR’s Shiva will find their forever loving homes. I took some new pictures of her this week yet due to the lighting(at night) and her lovely dark coat; they did not turn out the best. So, I will take more this weekend to post. She tends to squint her eyes or shut them when we take pictures, even without the flash.