I was just finishing up a few things and getting ready to go to bed(it is almost 2 AM) and then I heard some ‘zoomy’ action and I look up to see Albert! He was zooming around the hutch and through the kitchen and back to the sunroom to his crate and back around again and again! The other dogs were just sort of in a daze for this is ‘quiet’ Albert getting crazy and at this hour! LOL I was so thrilled to see him and he was so darn cute! LOL It only lasted a few moments but WOW! What a delight! The other thing that Albert likes to do is take my shoes and just lie with them. He will pull them out of the shoe rack and just cuddle with them in his crate. He has also taken a coat and a sweater of mine too at one point. I have posted some pictures of him taken on February 17th on our BHRR FB group and shall post them here when I can. The difference in his hind end and body stature plus confidence is just amazing in only 4 weeks. I am now going to begin to get him out and about in the public more, just little treks here and there to continue to build up his confidence.