I am bringing BHRR’s Potter back to the Vet today. He is still not doing as well as we could hope. As of Friday, his leg swelled up and he now has about a 3″+ gaping hole on his stump. We continue with the antibiotics(Ceph plus Clavamox) and I will see what the Vet says in regards to his situation. He is still not eating nor drinking well. I will obtain a current weight on him today. Keep him in your thoughts. Sweet Potter’s Vet Bills are over $3,000 now and we will continue to help him fight this ‘good’ fight for he is having some really good days mixed in with his daily struggle to keep trying to heal and not slide downhill. He is still quite happy even though he is understandably more quiet than his old personality+ filled self and Potter’s one true joy right now is car rides. I take him everywhere I can for he just loves his car rides(still nervous of transports and shakes a bit)! He is quite upset when I leave to go to work and he cannot come.