By Friday, BHRR’s Potter was running a low grade fever, his WBC was slightly elevated, he had not eaten since Wednesday, the MCT had almost doubled since Wednesday, he was lethargic(and those that know Potter KNOW how energetic and happy he is) and slept all day Thursday PLUS he had lost almost 1 KG(2.2 pounds) since Wednesday night. Potter weighed 27.7 KGs(60.94 pounds) today. I brought him in for his amputation Friday afternoon and his surgery began around 1:00 PM. He was out of surgery by just past 4:30 PM and I brought him home by 7:00 PM. I gave him an injection of Hydromorphone at 9:50 PM for the pain was getting quite strong for him and the goal was to try and get him to last between 9 PM – 10 PM before giving him more Hydro and so he did great. I have another injection that I can give him between 3 AM – 4 AM on Saturday. He is now back in la lal land and I also treated him for shock. His body temp was quite low at the Hospital so when I got him home; lots of towels and blankets from the dryer to help regulate his temperature. He is much better now and our next goal is getting him to the post-12 hour surgery mark. Small milestones one at a time as he moves along his Potter’s Path of healing. We have raised $1,113.00 for his surgery and I put down another $400 today myself and we have only $815.00 to raise by Friday November 27th, 2009 to pay his one Vet Bill. We will also need discuss chemo/raditation requirements etc. Please consider opening up your hearts in helping Potter along his path. I am adding two pictures below of Potter from Friday night. Potter was assessed by 4 Vets who all believed(as I did  myself) that his best chances of survival prognostically was to have his leg amputated. Boxers are prone to MCT’s and they can be very aggressive as this one was in Potter’s case.

BHRR’s Potter – Leg Hind Leg Amputation Due to MCT – November 20th, 2009