BHRR’s Storm arrived under BHRR’s care last night. She is being temp fostered in SWO until the 29th of November and I shall meet up with her temp foster family when I am attending the shows in Lyndsay, ON next Sunday to bring her back to BHRR. Both of the transporters(THANKS SO MUCH AGAIN TO ALL OF YOU) on her 2 legs from Michigan to SWO called me to say that BHRR’s Storm was presenting with a nonweight bearing and swollen foot. Her temp fosters brought her to their Vet today(THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH AGAIN!) and X-Rays were done. She does not have a fracture(by today, the swelling was all over her foot and up to her elbow) and is believed to have a soft tissue injury. Her HWT came back negative and her CBC plus Fecal should be back on Monday. She is also going to be starting a de-worming protocol and is on Deramaxx for pain/anti-inflammtory. I have been told that she appears to be pretty much housebroken, is deeply interested in cats yet does not appear to be prey driven, is super sweet and walked right into the crate her temp fosters had opened. It does not sound like she is eating as well as she should and while her stools were nice last night; she had diarrhea today. She is also very much need of a nail trim plus ear cleaning and apparently, she had a manicure plus pedicure today too! She is incredibly painfully thin and so, the long slow weight gaining regime shall also begin. I am also told she is very gentle and relishes the attention she is getting.  😀