They are still sleeping in a crate at night, have a very rare accident in the house(This could digress should they be adopted soon) AND they will NOT be adopted together!

They shall be adopted to separate homes.

They are good with all other dogs, cats, people etc.

They both still do get car sick and if you fast them the night before travelling, they do not get sick and if they have both been very healthily mentally and physically stimulated, they also shall not get sick. They seemed to be limited to a 35 minute drive before the puking begins…..still something they could outgrow.

They sleep well throughout the night and both are quite quiet. BHRR's Bilbo sometimes uses his voice to say 'I am ready to go' when it is the morning.

BHRR's Baggins loves laying around your feet and to be near you.

They can go to a home that works ft(as long as the home comes back at lunch to let them out), pt, from home, retired or semi-retired. Their leash manners are FANTASTIC!

My consistency, time, patience, dedication to their obedience regime has paid off. The compliments that I get when they are out is WOW!

Both attended the Take The Plunge Event on the Sunday in June – until we were rained out and so many did not even know we had them with us in our booth for they were so well behaved! 🙂

Baggins' Rescue Pawtraits - Message (HTML) _2013-07-02_23-38-05Baggins' Rescue Pawtraits - Message (HTML) _2013-07-02_23-37-38
BHRR's Baggins – June 27th, 2013
Bilbo's Rescue Pawtraits - Message (HTML) _2013-07-02_23-26-44Bilbo's Rescue Pawtraits - Message (HTML) _2013-07-02_23-27-48
BHRR's Bilbo – June 27th, 2013