BHRR's Bilbo & Baggins came on Saturday April 20th to the Pet Appreciation Event at PV Stittsville AND MAN! Did they obtain some fans.

One of our approved BHRR Volunteers that day was amazing to assist me in keep explaining to people that you do not just 'toss' us some money and then get to walk away with the puppy you want. We continued to have to explain how our adoption processes work and that these two are not even yet, ready for adoption and why we do not take applications until they are ready.

Below is a photo of folks that have become very dear to the hearts of Sean & I of PV Stittsville holding The Hobbits! 🙂

They had a great day!!!

BHRR's Baggins continues to become more and more social, SMART! OMG! He is brill!
BHRR's Bilbo is smart, yet, a different kind of smart. 😀

Both keep stealing hearts and taking numbers wherever they go AND their leash manners are almost completley rocking, they have their names, sit, stay down to a 't' and are very eager to please! They are such happy wee boyz!

They are both heading to work with me on Monday for their next set of boosters and a new weight! I wanted to snag the new weight on Saturday but, our scale at KAH died on Thursday night and the new one that came in on Friday has not yet, been caliberated. CANNOT wait to see where they are at now for it is getting very hard to carry them in two arms! The one arm carrying is long gone! 🙂

Many continue to also think they are IWx and we continue to say that we KNOW what their parents were – Mom (Rottie) & Dad (Olde English Sheepdog x GS). 😉

You can see my 'scrub' top just barely as I did a great 'duck' before the photo was taken…I am a in the trenches kinda person. Not in the limelight person. 😉

Our small r/q group was chosen by PV Stittsville to be the recipients of funds raised during the month of April as part of their Pet Valu Appreciation month and they also invited us to their locale last weekend AND I had so much fun planning the day/events with PV Stittsville! THEY also invited us back for 2014! HOW honoured am I!

We handed over the $826.02 and the $411 we raised at our tables over both days on the weekend so that they could write one big check to BHRR at the end of the month. In visiting yesterday, I felt like I needed to take a seat when I was told the total to date that had been raised over the past month….

I can say that this amount between the PAWS and other events hosted over April, that we can put down a big hunk of change towards BHRR's Maverick's upcoming two separate leg surgeries. How can one truly thank everyone that has helped to make that happen?! Words truly do fail me at times….

BHRR's Cherry & The Hobbits(Bilbo – l) & (Baggins – r)
*photo courtesy of Erika of PV