After 5 really ‘rough’ days, we finally got a handle on Dana’s foot complications and she is doing really well. Limping some and wanting to do more than she should yet I am pleased. I will be removing some of her sutures within the next 24 hours and shall be bringing her in for another Vet Recheck on Tuesday. At this time, I am also going to move her back to ‘AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION’ so that we can begin to take inquiries on her again and possible adoption applications. As the application process can take several weeks(depending on amount of time required to complete references plus do a home visit); Dana should be completely back up on her feet or at least almost there. I am also planning on doing some hydrotherapy with her just to help that foot and leg. Her Vet bills to date are close to $1,500 and I am so relieved to be where we are now, knowing that she is going to be ok. I was very worried and concerned about her. Hopefully, we can get Dana back up and out for some playdates/day trips and play trips too soon. I know that she has deeply missed her special outings with our approved Volunteers.