Dana is having the very common problem of bandage complications from her amputation last Wednesday. I brought her in on Saturday for a recheck and shall be bringing her in again oday for another recheck. I am quite worried about her. She continues to eat and drink well and has become quite sneaky about not taking her antibiotics and pain meds. I can tell that even though she is going through this pain at this time; it is much better than what she was going through with her toe before amputation. As happy as she always is, she is just that much more happy now. She is also very flexible and continues to try and get at her toe and bandages. We have taken to putting on socks over her foot and she has taken to trying to get them off at every opportunity. Sean continues to sleep with her at night and I have completely revamped my day schedule so that she is watched almost 24/7. Keep her in your thoughts!