I have added pictures #23 & #24 from June 18th, 2009 to Hamilton The Newfs slideshow. I sure did take a lot of pictures that day! 😛 Yet, I should now be ‘caught’ up on past pictures and will continue to work on updating all blogs within the next short while. Hamilton is doing well. Hard to move some days; yet he shall be 2 in September and that is an age that many did not think he would make it to. Our THDR’s Kona(NewfX) is now 10.5 years of age and I well remember being told when she was 1 that she would not live much longer and I said ‘watch her’ and look at her now! As long as our dogs have the desire to ‘fight’; we are going to be right there with them helping them. He still has ‘social’ phobic issues yet at home; has no trouble being a goober! 😛 These days, as we lost two of our oldest male members(Grayon Danes Dragon plus BHRR’s KB/JB); he and some of the younger crowd have been doing some ‘jostling’; yet no one has yet stepped up to the plate to be our Leader Male. Since our BHRR’s Jasper passed away in June of 2008; and even before then he was letting go of the reins; we have not had a clear leader male in our home(other than Sean! 😉 ) and as many know; I love animal dynamics and pack mentality plus behavour and am finding it very interesting to watch unfold. As I have mentioned in a previous blog on our site; it is not as uncommon as a lot of people might think to see several dogs at one time; share the role as ‘leader’. I really would love to see our PPSS step up for I think he has SO many of the qualities necessary yet with his health issues; that kind of ‘strain’ and ‘stress’ I would not wish to see upon him. For it is not an easy position to be in. He is also just that ‘fun’ loving bachelor uncle(who still misses his BHRR’s Ocean and she most likely still misses our “Big Blue” Bronson; who is still mostly likely ‘clueless’ about that whole situation! LOL) and it is not something he is interested in. I know that Hamilton is not best suited for that role yet it has been good to see him work up that confidence to get in a word or two about a situation and then you watch him run to stand behind my legs and peer around me at the other dogs who often just stand and stare are him!!!! Never a dull moment here and he brings many smiles to my day and is very loyal to me, even when I had to dematt him! 😉