Potter was neutered today plus had a nail trim and he weighed 26.90 KGs(59.18 pounds) and so is putting on weight really nicely. I am so pleased. Still a bit thin though yet getting there and he was a HUGE HUGE HUGE hit at the Hospital and went through his neuter like a ‘tough’ soul. The funny thing was that when all the anesthetic wore off; he was MAD! OMG! He was not happy in his run!!!! Too funny! He was quite vocal to all that would listen about his unhappiness about being stuck in a run! I put a collar on him for I just had this feeling and sure enough; every chance he got; he wanted to go for his incision, so he is now sporting the latest in fashionable E-Collars! 😉 He is now resting well after a small bite to eat for supper on my bed and has adjusted well to his collar BUT I am not stoooopid enough to think that he is going to ‘give’ in so gracelessly after only attempting to take it off a few times. 😉 As Sean and I shall be two ships passing in the night tomorrow afternoon; the little monkey boy might be coming to work with me to hang out, so that he can be watched by someone most of the time! He and Tain shared the back seat, snoozing away as they both had really busy days and after some brief attempts of them both wanting to play(Tain has been showing since last Friday); both settled down to snuggle and rest. HUGE congrats extended to TAIN again on such a great show day and thank you to Barry plus Amine in picking Tain up so that Sean and I could have time this AM after the children went to daycamp to lay BHRR’s KB/JB to proper rest near BLK’s Maggi. Once some time has past, I will decide which flowers or flowering bushes shall best honour our two very precious Great Danes. The past 5 days have been a huge series of ups(Tain’s very impressive wins) and crashing lows with our devastating losses. Thank you again to all that have been there for us. We are blessed! Things remain very sombre in our home as all the dogs are mourning and are confused plus ‘lost’ themselves. This next while shall be a quite time at our home and we shall be focused on the healing process for both humans plus our dogs. Mazda continues to just walk around aimlessly looking and crying for KB/JB and Dragon(our almost 8 year old Great Dane) appears to be most ‘hit’ along with our almost 10.5 year old Newfx Kona; over Maggi’s loss. It breaks our hearts to see them like this….Thank you everyone again for continuing to respect our need for time and some space to get everyone back up on their feet and moving forward with the healing of hearts, souls plus spirits.