We were hoping to bring Mazda to our July 12th Fundraiser yet we could not pull her away from KB/JB. She just did not want to leave him; so we left her at home BUT it would have been the best of opportunities for people to truly see YET again what an incredible girl she is. She would not have been happy leaving KB/JB behind and his leg would not have stood a whole day out and about. Now, we are in a new concern for with the tragic loss of BHRR’s KB/JB last night; Mazda has refused to eat and she is very depressed. I knew she would mostly likely be this way and so, while I am not surprised; I am still worried about her…very much. We will be watching her closely and I am moving her to our BHRR Haven Dogs program at this time for I believe it to be in her best interest. People can still continue to provide support in being a VF or donating items for her or even Virtually Foster her; yet I am pulling her from our ‘AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION’ list at this time. Her welfare and being is our top priority and we need to mend her own broken heart and spirit for it is not just us humans that are in deep mourning over the passing of our BLK’s Maggi and BHRR’s KB/JB; our dogs are also hurting. 🙁 Our dogs have been very quiet these past 4 days and the atmosphere in our home is of sadness for all. This is why we are going to go into a quiet mode for the next while and take the time that is needed to properly grieve and support ourselves plus our animals through the loss of two very incredible Danes in such a short period of time. We continue to pass along our most sincerest of appreciations for the hundreds of emails, messages, phone calls, cards etc. that have been sent our way. We feel your love and caring and we feel your hugs even if you are not physically here to give them in person to us or the dogs. THANK YOU!!!!