K. Buck, ON, CDA

And yes, let me know whenever there is any sort of auction coming up because I’d LOVE to do this again. See if you can give me a few weeks advance notice and I’ll see if I have the time to do some already done paintings or something, as well as a commissioned piece.

I think that is SO cool that you rescue danes as well as show them and support quality breeders/breeding. Before I contacted you I wasn’t sure how people would react to us having gotten from a breeder, when there are dogs needing homes in rescues (it really is a very tough desicision to choose which way to go! We spent months deliberating!) but no one has ever held anything agains us for it! Then seeing that you have dogs from puppies that you show is just wonderful and made me realize that it’s not a bad thing but a good thing – that we did all the reaseach in finding a breeder with morals and that cares about her dogs and the quality of them so much. Geoff and I figured if we got a puppy from a breeder that we would support rescues at least, do what we can – so here we are. 🙂 Geoff and I are so impressed with you and your family and what you do, we are SO glad to be able to help out where we can!