FINALLY! I have managed to get the pictures from March posted – Slides #18 – #42. Her home visit for a possible adoption is this Sunday and she is doing awesome! I would like to see about 7 more pounds on her and that will come! Of course, now that we are April, I need to take even more recent pictures of her! 😛 Sean and I continue to fall more and more in love with this Great Dane and we know that she shall be an incredible addition to the `right`home. She is the best of cuddlers and I cannot believe how this girl contorts herself to sleep! I also want to thank everyone for their patience as I work on updating the blogs plus add pictures. As many know; Gwen has been brought on as the Court Behavoural Great Dane expert in a cruelty case and that has been taken up a lot of time as she is travelling up to three times a week in-between her own Hospital work, BHRR and family commitments to ensure that the 21 Great Danes are receiving what they need. I know that I still have many blogs and pictures to post and shall as soon as I can; as I know that one of the things that people love about BHRR is the constant updates and all those pictures! 😉 I also wish to say that though I have 272 emails yet to respond to(from the past 3-5 days); I have not forgotten. Additionally, within the last week; I have received 37 requests for assistance to take in Great Danes into BHRR. I have been literally working around the clock, trying to find reputable and quality Rescues for these Danes as BHRR is still beyond full. Spring is always a bad time and this year is the worst that I have seen in 13 years. 🙁 Ensuring that the animals in our BHRR care and those that need us are getting the proper attention, training and love they deserve shall always remain my top priority and these 21 Danes from this cruelty are the worst that I have seen in over 20 years of being in Rescue. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers….