J. McCoy & Family, ON, CDA

Gwen, Thank you so much for such a lovely afternoon Saturday. I never expected to actually be fed 🙂 it was such a great atmosphere.
We all enjoyed our time at your home….thanks for opening it up like that. I am still in awe of how well it works…you are definitely doing something right, and I’m sure it’s the love that ‘all’ the dogs get.

You do wonders Gwen…and your whole family I’m sure deserves commendation!

Running a rescue has been a dream of mine for all my adult life. After seeing how well yours runs, how happy the dogs are, and how thorough you are with who can adopt etc….it’s peaked my interest even more. I am going to look into it more indepth. It was a pleasure meeting all those people …

You can sure tell they love you and respect you Gwen.

Again, please keep in touch!