Carole & Darren from West St. Paul, MB

Hi Gwen,

We are relatively new to the wonderful world of Great Dane ownership and only discovered your exceptional website a few months ago. We were previously involved in dalmatian rescue and had, as our own, a rescued dal and a rescued beagle up until a year ago when we added our first Great Dane to the family. She’s a beautiful brindle from a show line, but since we always sterilize our dogs, she is headed for obedience trials and agility. We love all dogs, but Miika, the Great Dane, has been an unparalleled gift of friendship and delight which seems to be representative of this particular breed. But they are very big dogs – our girl is just 15 months old, over 37.5 inches at the withers, and can throw spittle across the room with the flick of the head – and many people are not aware of their requirements when they get these dogs and unfortunately the dogs suffer. Your work, Gwen, is tremendous. We read your website postings daily and feel so fortunate that Gwen Boers is who she is so that mistreated, neglected, and abused Great Danes get the love, care and healing that they deserve. God bless you and your furry four-footed angels!