I brought Porridge with me when I went out for a hike on Sunday and then again to the B&F event. He did great! He seems to be a bit of a ‘momma’s’ boy in public though…always wanting to keep that one eye on me! I weighed him at the hospital last night and he was 152.54 pounds at 11 months of age. I will have to take a new height on him yet he is now taller than Bronson; who is 38″ and I believe he is about 39″. My little ‘giraffe’ is most certainly holding up to his end on that ‘tall’ prophecy!!!! So many just fall in love with Porridge yet I wish it was not his ‘colouring’ that drew them most to him and his personality instead. Yes, reputable/quality Breeders produce the porcelains and fawnequins too; yet those are not all that common and come with the added benefits of having a mentor; the animal being bred for correct temperament, health, longevity plus conformation to give an owner the best possible chance of having that sweet and healthy GD for a long time to come.