She is scheduled for her DAPP Booster, HWT and microchipping on July 23rd.

At that time we shall try and u/s her via a probe to determine if she is spayed. If she is, she shall be placed up for adoption within two weeks of this appointment.

If she has not yet been spayed(if we can determine for sure one way or another); she will be spayed first.

She is WOW! She has been fully integrated, is no longer in a crate and her only thing is some mild food resourcing if kibble falls to the floor and as this is a high value item; not a big deal.  I do feed her in a crate here and there to keep up the crate training for as many know this is a great safety and training aid should she become sick or injured and require crate rest or needs to stay at the Animal Hospital.

The longer she is here, the younger she has become and I would say that she is no more than 2. AND I would also say that if I was a betting woman, that she is also related to BHRR's Jetta. Her eyes, facial bone structure and mannerisms are so reminiscent of BHRR's Jetta. She is not as as tall as BHRR's Jetta.

She is playful and man! Is she vocal when she gets playing – she will growl and make sounds that unless you did not know Danes, one would thnk she was not so friendly! LOL She loves KONG toys and being chased and bumping your hands to get you to play.


She also adores Mason…cannot get enough of loving on him!

She is quiet in the house and one would almost not even know she is there, she is that low maintenance!


She is going to do great in a home that works full time or part time or from home or semi retired or retired for like so many; she is that versatile!

She would do well in a home with another like minded personality fit dog or is one of those dogs that is also fine on her own as long as there are doggies as part of her social network via her new homes social network of family and friends.

She would be great in a home with children 10+ or in a home with no kids.

This dogs is absolutely a delight!

She has been such a pleasure to train and be around. 🙂

For those not familiar with her story prior to coming to BHRR – she was tied up to a laneway in Quebec during the very hot and humid Canada Day weekend. 🙁 Poor girl……