I was just saying today that I did not think Ocean was putting on the weight right and was wondering what her fecal results would tell us and BINGO! Received the message that she has Giardia. I have put her on Metronidazole 250 mg(3 tabs BID) for the next 7 days. I have enough at home to begin her treatment and if more is required, I will obtain more at that time. I will re-test her fecal in a couple of weeks time once treatment has ended. She has settled in well and though is ‘weak’ and cannot play as long as the other dogs; she is very much ‘in the throes’ of the play when she can. I said to Sean that she is so much like Dana it is ‘uncanny’ and that while they are ‘close’ they will also have their moment’s with word exchanging and already we have had that twice. Dana almost does not want to let Ocean out of her site and Ocean wants some privacy and watching the dynamics unfold has been interesting. Close as two sisters these two are yet with that comes ‘ups’ and ‘down’s…LOL Ocean is so much like Dana that she even has taken to climbing on the couch as if it is her right; no matter how many pillows and foot stools I put up there! LOL She is a very smart girl. She is picking up her name and ‘sit’ has come really fast to her. Sit = many rewards with praise, her dinner/breakfast etc and some treats so that has been a fast sign for her. ‘No’ is not quite there yet and ‘watch’ me is funny with her for SHE will now watch me at times and when I signal to her; she will deliberately turn her head and walk away *if* she does not want to do what I ask her. Tethering has been a valuable training tool with her and just like Dana; she figured out really fast where the dog food is stored and has taken the rubbermaid down once already. She also is very much a ‘Kanga-Dane’ and when we had guests here on Saturday; on a standstill right beside him, she just jumped over our 38″ GD Bronson. She is ‘built’ for power, speed and I am waiting for Abbi to realise that she has such a partner in crime to play with for there is not other Dane here that can keep up with Abbi’s running/zooming outside!!!! Ocean has had no problems with her crate training and goes in readily and settles down beautifully. She has done a few whines here and there but after a some seconds, goes to sleep. She can ‘hear’ certain tones yet it could also be the vibration associated with those tones. I know that my PPSS is completely deaf but he has a nose that smells the remotest of delicious things and he can literally wake up from a dead sleep when I open up a new bag of dog food! LOL Ocean is a pleasure to have here and we are enjoying learning about her and she has most definitely ‘claimed’ me as hers. I cannot even climb into the tub without her wanting to come in with me! LOL But if one of the kids are lying on our bed watching TV, she has learned that the bed is a great place to be and can be found snuggling with them. Ocean just LOVES people of all types, sizes, shapes and ages. I want to make a public post here to thanking two of our BHRR adopters, now wonderful friends for the dog coat donated as Ocean was really in need of a coat to call her own. THANK YOU! I am still feeding Ocean about 5 small meals a day. I am most defnitely smitten with this special girl!!!! NO DOUBTS ABOUT THAT! 😀