I took Ocean to work with me tonight and she weighed 37.4 KGS(82.28 pounds). So, since she was first weighed at the Shelter, she has put on 11 pounds. SHE must have looked beyond terrible then for she is extremely thin at this time. I took in a fecal and we are running a HWT test. Her heart and lungs sound great, she was wonderfully social and very quiet at the hospital and everyone loved her! The Vet looked at her ear and is not quite sure what it is yet was not concerned. Could be a spot she created by scratching at with her foot. She cleaned it up and put some panalog on it and thinks it will be just fine. We were able to confirm that she is spayed(took two of us to lay her on her side for the Vet to look BUT she was so great about it). We will wait until she has put on more weight before giving her Rabies. She is just so friendly and everyone there could see that she is almost ‘untamed’ in her mannerisms though. She took treats very gently from everyone too. She is a lovely Great Dane that is for sure! In respect to the drinking and frequency of urination, we are going to monitor for now(as indicated, we are not sure how often she had water in the past) and if need be, will run a UA if things require it. The Vet was not worried about it right now.