My heart is so heavy and though, I knew this day was going to come; I just want to scream in sheer agony that nothing more can be done for BHRR's Emma and her quality of life has seriously begun to deteriorate.

It frustrates and angers me that due to the abuse of another or others; her body is failing her though; her mind and heart has learned to love and trust again.
This girl makes me well up with how strong her beautiful spirit is; how much joy she takes out of even just seeing me when I come home from even just putting the kids on the bus; sunshine, a blowing leaf; the antics of a goob 6 month old GD puppy and so much more!

Her patience and steadfast determination to not just to be able to stand tall yet; walk and do her 'wobbly bobbly' trot is beyond inspirational.

Last night; she came over to me and the way she layed down with her head on my knee; I knew….it was time…and she was telling me….
We stayed up all night 'talking' and believe me this GD has a lot to say and share and give. She is a gift to the wordl! We watched the sunrise on the porch; enjoying the deer as they came to drink from the springfed pond.

We took a special walk to her favourite spot and sat under the shade until she was ready to come in for some little breaky( her appetite has been waning).

We have now come back from a drive to her best places and saying her "I love you's" to those at Timmie's and Subway and more.

As she rests in my lap, I made the call to schedule her final car ride.

Please think of her and may god give me the will to have one ounce of her dignity and strength to be able to let her go without breaking into a million pieces.
I worship this girl and it is so unfair and wrong and I just want to scream for her and that she deserved more in life….

I am so sorry BHRR's Emma that the Vets and BHRR could not right all the wrong done to you by others. I am so sorry… 🙁

BHRR's Emma – when found May 4th, 2012 in Montreal & BHRR's Emma – June 29th, 2012(HOW she is going to be remembered…)