Testimonials from others on BHRR's Jetta and that she does not have any condition of 'lacking self-confidence' that needed labelling and thus then treated:


My own personal experience with the beautiful black beauty that is BHRRs Jetta is limited to the BHRRs 5th Annual Microchip Clinic.

What a fabulous dog! I had the chance to interact with her for awhile and found her to be an outgoing, confident and happy dog. In being able to observe her from the baking table on and off for most of the day, I saw a dog that was open to meeting other people and dogs alike with a wagging tail and open demeanour, one who was comfortable to rest in the shade and was unruffled by the noises and action going on around her.  She presents as a vivacious young dog who will make a wonderful addition to the right fit home.

Wishing the very best of luck to BHRRs Jetta!




……here are my observations about the lovely black beauty. From the moment she bopped out of the transport I met to bring her to you, I saw a bright and confident girl. Her transport commented on how great she was and I was surprised at how she just popped over wagging her tail at me. Not a second of nervousness or shyness. Into the car she went with me and off we drove. She was a curious and bold girl. When I met you, it took two of us to walk her to the backyard. Remember how she went confidently about sniffing everything in our very large backyard. Not an ounce of caution.  For such a young girl, she struck me with her positive energy and strength. At the barbecue she was much more polite and enjoyed her surroundings meeting all sorts of people and dogs. Her bold silly confidence had matured and evolved into a quieter confidence that training gave her. I love her! I thought she was fearless and smart. Just needed some obedience training and weight gain. Give her a big hear scratch from us

Anna Gray-Henschel