BHRR's Dana came with me to the Vet on Tuesday night. She weighed a plump 130+pounds…..sigh….someone has been getting too many treats!

She is being cut back and young children – my own; have been talked to re: treats! I like to see her no more than 125 tops, preferably back around 122 pounds.

I did her HWT and I had the Vet recheck the lump on her back foot. We did more FNA's and just protein was found and we managed to asiprate some more and sent off three separate samples to the lab to evaluate again, to be sure that we are still looking at a benign situation and that unless necessary; does not need to be removed.

It is not in the best place for surgery; yet; there is some skin and if everything comes back as normal, we shall continue to monitor and only remove if/when necessary.

SHE was such an GREAT dog as usual at the Vet's. She is a big fav at KAH!

Anything I have to do with her, I have taught her to lay down on her side and she just lets me cut nails, draw blood etc.

She had her special date not that long ago too; and I shal have to post photos of that special date! 🙂

So hard to believe that her right matched forever loving home has not yet found this special gem of a briliant girl! 🙂

She will test you with her wagging tail and mischievous nature while she tries to bend you to her will! 😉 LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog!