I want to thank all of my friends who sent concerned mesages last night over why they did to get to see me briefly @ the B&F event. Thank you so much for caring! I am really blessed to have all of you in my life and know how rare it is to have ‘true’ friends!!! ūüėé ¬† Most are aware from reading the blogs of our animals; that Dana was to be spayed yesterday and while the procedure itself went ‘text’ book(the Vet said she is in amazing condition, no fat, all muscle and spaying her went wonderfully); however; her ‘recovery’ did not go as smooth. So, I ‘elected’ to stay with her and as I was at the Hospital working as is; did not have the means to let anyone know that I was unable to attend the event and also missed out on a family commitment later that evening too. Dana took some time to get up on her feet and was really ‘shocky’ with reaction afterwards. I took her home with me last night – just before 10:00 PM; and she was in some discomfort and I started off with giving her Deramaxx 100mg and ended up switching to Tramadol 50mg shortly thereafter. When I took her home, I wrapped her up in blankets, two dog coats and on a nice big dog bed and as soon as I got her home, she had a quick pee, was bundled up again on my bed; with a heater directed on her and we spent a long night together. She had a ‘good’ night overall and I got her up once to pee and she settled back down again and is faring well today. These Giant Breeds just do not tend to handle anaesthesia well and I was almost sure she was going to have several vomiting episodes that resulted in just some gagging. Poor girl has nothing in her stomach having been fasted and I fasted her over night too. She did not drink anything until this morning; despite trying to encourage her(we pulled her off IV last night) and this AM had 1/4 cup of food for breaky and finally began to drink a bit this afternoon. I just gave her another 1/4 cup of food, which the ‘food’ hound is pretty much back up on her feet; just wanted to devour and so I fed it to her in small bits. Just from knowing Dana’s personality, I figured that she would be wearing an E-Collar today and YUP! She is now sporting her new headpiece! She has adjusted really well to it and other than some bumping into things; is doing great. Her weight when she went in to be spayed was 41.4 KGS(91.08 pounds) and that means that she has put on 26.84 pounds since her first weight that we took on November 28th; which was 6 weeks ago!!! YOU GO DANA! Once Dana recovers from her spay and has had more training; we will be putting her up for adoption. She is such a sweet dollface!!! I also want to immensely thank Lynne¬†Grandmaitre – Owner of BARK & FITZ in Westboro / Kanata for emailing me yesterday(I received this email when I arrived home from the hospital)to say that the $5.00 entry donation for the Great Dane event last night is to be donated to our BHRR program. As I replied to Lynne. I am humbled, touched beyond words and will try to be in on Saturday to meet-up with Amanda plus see her sweet Duke again to pick up these funds. A huge public THANK YOU being sent to Lynne for the touching and very generous gesture. The monies will go towards helping to pay for Dana’s spay.